Christmas Gift Buying for the Classic Car Owner

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It's hard to believe that Christmas is just a few weeks away, especially because we still have some gifts to buy for our "car crazy" friends. We called various car catalog and online stores to find out their deadline date for placing an order that will arrive before Santa does. Most all of the sales agents gave us the same advice:

  • Place your orders by December 14th for regular shipping
  • Always talk to a live agent when ordering
  • Make sure the product is in stock
  • If in doubt, use expedited shipping
  • Give your email address to receive your order confirmation and tracking numbers.

Hemmings Collector Car Marketplace has an online store with some great classic car gear, calendars, signs, books and subscription to their magazine.

For the British classic car enthusiast, we suggest taking a look at the Moss Motors online catalog. You can find lapel pins, watches, beer glasses, t-shirts and key fobs decorated with the emblem of your recipient's favorite marque. has some wonderful coffee table books that any classic car enthusiast would be delighted to find under the Christmas tree. For those of you who like classic motorcycles, we would like to suggest our colleague Basem Wasef's new book Legendary Race Cars. Amazon's website has a deadline of December 17th for the last day to use standard shipping, but we don't suggest you wait that long.

If you're not quite sure what your car lover may need for their classic, a gift that would fit any vehicle might be the ticket. AutoSport, the Automotive Outfitters has a good selection of car care products, accessories, covers and electronic gadgets.

Did you know that Hallmark has an American Classic Car ornament series? There are 37 in total and range from Cadillacs to Corvettes.

If you still can't find what you're looking for after checking out these online stores, a classic car magazine subscription is always a sure winner. Best of all, it's easy to wrap.

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